Linda Arnold - Imagination is the Key
Gallagher O'Shyley Make Believe
Join Linda Arnold and her amazing cast of whimsical characters with the adventures of Gallagher, Ted the Bear, and others.

Music Helps!

Linda Arnold | Children’s Musician This holiday season as the Covid 19 pandemic continues to surge, finding ways to celebrate is a challenge for all of us. Our family gatherings are being reinvented over zoom, and there is so much

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Gallagher’s Adventure

Make Believe Gallagher the elf loves to go on adventures. The other day he visited Owen and Quinn’s climbing tree. Elves love the forest so he felt right at home in the tree top! Visit Linda Arnold on Facebook!

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Ted the Bear Goes for a Slide

The Make Believe Club decided it was time for Ted the Cool Bear to go for a ride down a slide.  He actually landed upside down at the bottom, but he loved it anyway!

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