"Love You To The Moon and Back" CD wins both 2015 Parent's Choice and NAPPA awards!

We are so thrilled that our new release "Love You To The Moon and Back" gentle songs and lullabies has been honored with two prestigious awards. Our family and friends have told us many wonderful things about the CD, but it is always so rewarding to have your work appreciated by an independent source. Ariel's son Owen still goes to sleep with it every night! many frineds have told me they like listenning to it themselves in the car and at home without any children as well!! We feel grateful that the music is bringing  peaceful enjoyment to all agesRead More »

CD Pre-Release Pot Luck Party for a good cause!

We recently celebrated with a Pre-Release Pot Luck Party at my home for musicians who worked on our CD, as well as family and singing circle members. Funds raised went to "Jacob's Heart" a local non-profit children's cancer support organization. General album release is September 14,2015. We will be in concert on October 10th in Santa Cruz at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center. Looking forward to singing with new and old fans!Read More »

Singing Together

Although my wonderful daughter, Ariel and I have been singing together for many years, we had never created a project that focused on Mother, Daughter harmony until now. "Love You To The Moon And Back" will be coming out late May and I look forward to sharing this new album with everyone!Read More »

Owen and Ariel visit the studio.

My daughter Ariel came to my studio yesterday with her two month old son, Owen. While I held him, she sang the last vocals on our new CD "Love You To The Moon And Back" which will be released in Spring 2015! It has been a joy to work on this record with Ariel, as she progressed through her pregnancy. Arranger Barry Phillips has created the most gorgeous settings for the songs. Gentle songs and lullabies in Mother/ Daughter harmony is our theme. I'll keep you posted.   Read More »

Hello From The World Of Gratitude

  My years as a singer and songwriter for young children have given me many blessings and wonderful memories.   Smiling as a room full of three and four year olds giggle with delight to one of my silly songs about Monsters in their bathing suits. Watching as their eyes grow wide with wonder as my little puppet, ”Gallagher the Elf” emerges from a magic bag to whisper about the power of imagination.   So many beautiful faces and loving hearts, that I have had the privilege to sing for and with!   Singing with my own children, of course, has been the inspiration behind it all. Now as a grandparent, I am deeply moved to see my children care and love their little ones, and I have a...Read More »

Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and a joyful New Year! During this time of year I love making handmade gifts for my friends and family. This year my daughter, Ariel and I will be making spiced nuts! This is a picture of us performing together at a holiday concert. I love singing in harmony with my daughter. For these holidays you might enjoy listening to my song, "The Christmas Mouse" from Make Believe or "Thank You" from Happiness Cake. Wishing you a warm and festive Christmas or Hanukkah filled with music and the love of family and friends.Read More »

Tomato Time Fun

Tomato Time Fun   These are tomatoes from my garden! Select ripe heirloom tomatoes or the best you can find and simply slice, and arrange on a plate. Add a little sea salt, some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and enjoy!Read More »

Linda's Summer Smoothie

Summer is a great time to make use of all the wonderful fresh fruit available. Here' a recipie for a yummy smoothie that is also highly nutritious and easy to make! Feel free to substitute other fruit you have on hand in your kitchen.     Linda's Summer Smoothie   Makes 4 servings   6 large fresh strawberries 1 banana 1 cup vanilla yogurt or plain yogurt sweetened with 1tsp vanilla and a tiny pinch of stevia powder 1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries 1 ripe peach ( or subsitute other fruit like nectarines or apricots) 1/2 cup orange juice 1/2 cup low fat milk 1/2 cup ice cubes 1/4-1/2 cup fresh kale or chard leaves   Combine the ice, juice, yogurt  and fruit in the...Read More »

The Mary Poppins of Children's Music

Linda has been seen nationwide on the Disney channel and in countless venues across the United States. Her albums have won Parent's Choice Gold, NAPPA Gold, and Children's Music Web awards. Linda's clear, sweet music and whimsical characters have delighted preschoolers and their parents for many years. Linda is the host of  the "Pickleberry Pie" public radio series and "Lullaby Land" on the new nationwide Lullaby channel. Linda's songs help children grow into strong, loving adults: I'm not perfect and I don't pretend to be I'm not perfect, I'm just me Sometimes I make mistakes Sometimes that's what it takes To be the very best that I can be So let's all be the best we can be The...Read More »