“ Imagination is The Key…”

Linda Arnold has a special gift for unlocking our hearts, and inviting us to celebrate the joyous wonder and innocence of childhood. With her beautiful, clear voice and playful spirit, she is often described as the “Mary Poppins of Children’s Music” as she enchants her young audiences with magical songs that create a musical world of Make Believe where anything can and does happen!

All of Linda’s children’s recordings are now available through the Rounder Kids/ Music For Little People label. Indeed it was a little person, who started her career writing and recording songs for children. One day Linda’s five year old daughter, Ariel, wanted to write a song. “What should it be about?” her mother asked. “A short giraffe on a crooked path,” answered  Ariel. And so the song,  “Do you Know what Magic Is?” begins, found on Linda’s first album for children, ALA award winner, “Make Believe”.

Featured on The Disney Channel as the first artist chosen to lead the series ”Kaleidoscope Concerts,” Linda’s popularity continued to grow. Subsequent albums, “Happiness Cake” and “Peppermint Wings”  which also feature Linda’s creative and fanciful originals soon followed as Linda was signed to A&M records, as one of the first stars of Children’s Music.

With a degree in Theater Arts from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Linda enjoys  weaving puppets, colorful sets and storytelling into her live performances for young audiences. “Broadway For Kids At the Rainbow Palace” was her next CD for A&M followed by “Lullaby Land”, an ALA and Parent’s Choice Gold winner, showcasing traditional, celtic and original lullabies, with beautiful arrangements by Grammy Award Winner, composer and cellist, Barry Phillips.

Her next recording, a Children’s Music Web award winner, “Sing Along Stew,” celebrates time tested favorites with Linda’s signature characters all helping to stir up an imaginary stewpot bubbling with fun. “Circus Magic” followed creating a wondrous journey to The Big Top. Another Parent’s Choice winner,  “Favorites in The Key of Fun” was a ten year anniversary compilation, featuring songs from Linda’s first three albums.
Asked by The Monterey Bay Aquarium to create an album that complemented their exhibit for young audiences, Linda created an album which explores two ocean habitats using lively Caribbean and South African rhythms. The songs on “Splash Zone” are both fun and highly educational, encouraging children to become good stewards of the sea.

While fanciful songs are often her favorites, Linda has a serious side to her songwriting as well, incorporating such themes as world friendship, self-esteem, ecology, courage and love into her music. “Having the opportunity to impact the lives of young children and their families in a loving and positive way is an honor and responsibility” Linda confides. ”I strive to bring excellence and great care to all my work for children who are so open and impressionable. I want to inspire, delight and nurture with my music.”

Linda is a co-founder, and board member of the non-profit “Pickleberry Pie” which for 28 years has provided over 4,600 free concerts for kids in hospitals and special facilities nationwide. With producer, PJ Swift, Linda helped create 500 free half-hour children’s programs for public radio which won the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Gold Award. Pickleberry Pie now hosts four full time commercial-free webcast channels of children’s stories, music, Spanish songs, and lullabies heard worldwide.

Linda and her daughter Ariel have just released a new award winning CD,"Love You To The Moon and Back" featuring gentle songs and lullabies with beautiful harmonies.

You can learn more about at at their website: Loveyoutothemoonandback.net.