The Mary Poppins of Children's Music

Linda has been seen nationwide on the Disney channel and in countless venues across the United States.
Her albums have won Parent's Choice Gold, NAPPA Gold, and Children's Music Web awards.
Linda's clear, sweet music and whimsical characters have delighted preschoolers and their parents for many years.
Linda is the host of  the "Pickleberry Pie" public radio series and "Lullaby Land" on the new nationwide Lullaby channel.

Linda's songs help children grow into strong, loving adults:

I'm not perfect and I don't pretend to be
I'm not perfect, I'm just me
Sometimes I make mistakes
Sometimes that's what it takes
To be the very best that I can be

So let's all be the best we can be
The courage to try
Will give us wings to fly
Let's all be the best we can be
And confidentially,
I like me!

I'm not perfect
Nor is anyone
Learn to be yourself
And you'll be number one
Believe in who you are
And you will travel far
And here's the magic key
Just whisper- I like me.